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Everything you need to have 1:1 free or paid text conversations at scale with your audience.

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Send text blasts to everyone.

Share messages right to the home screen of every audience member.

99% open rates

30%+ click through rates

Share images, videos and text

Monetize with paid groups.

Fans pay to directly access you via text, you get paid for responding.

Set a per conversation price

We handle payments

Integrate with Patreon

Easy for you and your audience.

People join with two taps. Respond to everybody from one spot, on any device. We built Wavium for busy creators.

Respond at your own pace

Members don't pay until you respond

Join thousands of creators who are texting their audience.

“I saw immediate results. If you’re a creator, you need Wavium”

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Social platforms are taking advantage of creators.

The ‘algorithm’ controls who sees your content and who doesn’t. If you want to build a career as a creator, you need to own your distribution with things like text messaging.

Why texting? It’s direct. There’s no algorithm. Just you and your fans.

We built Wavium for busy, ambitious creators. Let’s build a future where the creator is in charge, not the ‘algorithm’.

Sam Shore

CEO & Co-founder of Wavium


Accessible for creators of all sizes.


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$0.05 / text *

20% of revenue

* for USA & Canada. Prices may vary in other countries.

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