Our Mission

We exist to help creators own their audience.

We believe that social platforms are taking advantage of creators. We want to change that and help creators fight back.

Building a career on social platforms is like building a home on someone else's land. While social platforms are great for discovering and reaching your audience, your goal as a creator should be to convert your followers into email or text message subscribers. Why? Look no further than TikTok. Almost overnight, millions of creative people almost lost their careers.

If a platform removes your account, or their algorithm for distribution no longer favours you, are you prepared?

If you want to build a career as a creator, your focus should be on building durable distribution channels. Without distribution, you have no business. So how can you build an audience that you actually own? With emails and phone numbers. These distribution channels are direct. Instead of going through some algorithm, when you share over email and text message, you know that your audience will see your content. Even better is the fact that you own these lists. Instagram removes your acount, you're ok. YouTube changes their algorithm, you're ok. You own your audience.

We built Wavium to make this process easy, fast, and effective. The traditional solution to this problem involves spending days building a website or hiring someone expensive to do it for you. But those days are gone. With Wavium, you get a portfolio that is always up-to-date and converts visitors into email or text message subscribers. The best thing? It takes under 5 minutes to setup, and it automatically updates whenever you post new content anywhere online. We believe the best tools are the ones you don't even notice. Wavium helps you build your own audience, without any hassle or time commitment. All you have to do is share your portfolio link with your audience, and we'll handle the rest.

You can also create posts from within Wavium and share them in just a few clicks to your portfolio, and to your email and text message subscribers. Since all of your content is already in Wavium, creating content takes minutes, not hours.

For too long, social platforms have taken advantage of creators. Fight back and build an audience that you own.

- The Wavium Team (Ryan, Dylan, and Sam)


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CEO & Design

Ryan Rossiter

CTO & Development

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COO & Sales

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